Ruby on Rails & Angular Development

Full stack development from database design through to server support.

Programming the web

We are a small team of programmers and system administrators (2) who build and maintain custom, business critical API's and e-commerce applications. We work with a number of specialised tech companies, tech start ups and graphic design agencies. Our skillset includes Ruby on Rails, Linux Server Administration, database design, API development, Web Services integration, Javascript, and AngularJS.

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$ foreach( $services as $service ) { echo $service }
----> Web Development
----> Rails App Development
----> Server Administration
----> API design
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  • Linux Server Administration

    24/7 pro-active Linux server administration. We can actively monitor and manage your server while fixing any bottle necks or problems immediately as they happen. Our support and advice is pro-active, you can reach our techs via Skype and help desk 24/7 and we will fix any issues. Perfect for dedicated server owners and web hosts. Learn more.

  • Ruby on Rails

    If you need us to develop or maintain a Ruby on Rails application we have plenty of experience from version 2 to the newly released version 5. Rails is our preferred development framework. We code using a Test Driven Development (TDA) approach to ensure our applications are robust and easy to maintain. Learn more.

  • Web development

    We have worked with a lo

    Learn more.

  • API Integration

    We can add a competitive edge or clever automation to a web app by using APIs and Web Services. We have experience with Soap and Restful API integration for clients such as estate agents and cinema chains. Some APIs we have used include Rightmoves BLM file, Verbra, Quickbase, Preview Networks, Stripe, Paypal, Meet Up, Facebook, Twitter plus many more. Learn more.

Dragons Design Ltd - Web Development and Server Administration
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